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The Sensitivity Apparat

 Tony Tomelden never wanted to be a First Amendment crusader. A lifelong resident of Washington, D.C., he’s a working-class guy in a town that’s consumed by politics. He runs a bar called The Pug. And it’s not just any bar, it’s the best bar in the city. That may be my opinion, but Googling the place yields many reviews written by people who agree:
• The Pug has this fantastic hole-in-the-wall-dive feeling that is rare to find in D.C. You’ll know instantly if this is the kind of bar for you. This isn’t the place for fancy drinks and dress, leave that at the door or keep on walking. Short for “pugilist,” The Pug is covered in old boxing memorabilia, making it feel like it’s got a history, some grit under the nails, and a few calluses from working hard every day. .  .  .