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Expulsion Reversed for Girl Who Brought Plastic Gun to School

 Sumter County Schools Superintendent Dr. Randolph Bynum said Thursday afternoon that he would vacate a decision to remove Naomi McKinney from school.

McKinney had brought plastic gun to Alice Drive Elementary school earlier this month for show and tell. An Sumter Police Department incident report states the item is an Airsoft gun that shoots plastic pellets, but that the gun was not operational. In the report, it states there were visible BBs inside.

When she arrived at school, McKinney told the teacher what she had. The teacher then notified administrators, who then sent the child home.

She was expelled, and the decision was upheld by the superintendent and the school board.

District officials say they have strict rules about look-alike weapons being brought on to campus. Sumter Police told News19 the gun did not meet qualifications under state law for what is considered a weapon in school.