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IPFS News Link • Day of Reckoning


• Wendy McElroy
It is time for people who can to get out of the States. I know there are deep roots that prevent many people from seriously considering that option -- family is a big one -- but I hope they take prudent steps to protect themselves and loved ones while staying.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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The police state is in place.  Now all it takes is the mob clamoring for a strong ruler to lead us out of our mess.  Where will the next Adolph Hitler come from?  How soon will he get here?   

I don't know but I do know the next Hitler will command nukes.  Not good and where are you going to escape that?

Comment by PureTrust
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Consider When you scroll down a ways, you will find dozens (is it hundreds?) of places using Bitcoin like money. Once bread and butter living commodities are traded Bitcoin-wise, and people drop their bank accounts and their SSNs (so that Government no longer has authority over them by quasi-contract), ways will be found to stay in (not within) the country... or move out of it freely.