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A Salute & Support to 2 Tennessee Sheriffs Standing Up for the US Constitution

I am very happy to see and report that 2 Tennessee Sheriffs are standing up for our US Constitution and for the citizens of their respective counties. In the latest updated list from that is growing daily, now up to 242 supporting Sheriffs, Sheriff Jim Ruth from Bradley County and Sheriff Jim Hammond from Hamilton County have taken their oath seriously and their duty as the ultimate law officer over all the exists in their county. Should you be fortunate to live in one of these two counties be sure to send a thank you message and show support equal to that support they are showing you. On the not so pleasant side to the story, based on my understanding that there exists 95 counties in Tennessee, I see the lack of support for both the county citizens and the oath of office for the remaining 93 Sheriffs in the state of Tennessee.

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And Congress sits there, quietly snickering, when they should be impeaching.

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