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Mahaffey's Book Review: The Disaster Diaries

 This book goes way beyond the beans, bullets and Band-Aid counsel. In fact, he’s kind of ‘out there’- in one of the finest ‘structured’ swashbuckling adventure sprees that I have read in a long while. The Disaster Diaries is fun, rousing, thoughtful, and provocative. Zany (can that word be used today?) might describe more of the unconventional catastrophes depicted in the storyline. The dark humor orientation is evident by the Dr. Strangelove reference in the title.

After the birth of his son, Sam is beset by the powerful parental instinct to protect his child. He worries. He questions, “What would I do if X happened?” A plague of Hollywood disaster type vignettes infect his dreams and waking thoughts in pandemic proportions. (Pun intended) He worries from A-Z (no, literally, aliens to zombies).