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Permafrost Agriculture

What I would attempt is to use a blade to scrape the top soil aside from the underlying frozen subsoil to produce windrows on either side of the exposed surface. I would create these bands say thirty to forty feet wide while producing a windrow just as wide. In this manner half of the total field is exposed. I would then let it winter over and allow t

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All this is writing so unnecessary. After all, people can't stop global warming no matter how much they try. Their attempts to stop nature will only cause nature to come back with a vengeance. Then we will get the greenhouse affect.

When the greenhouse effect is in full swing, and the polar caps melt, we will lose a little coast land, but the permafrost will be gone. Buy Siberia and northern Canada land. Also, by Sahara land, 'cause greenhouse will make it a humid garden.


Actually, the evidence is that we are headed for an ice-age. But it's fun thinking of growing a garden in Phoenix without irrigation.