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New Food Storage Ebook Free To DPers, Limited Time, Deep Knowledge.


Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Food Storage for Rich and Poor. started as a meeting and the meeting turned into a recitation of 3 generations worth of knowledge so it inevitably turned into a story and the story turned into notes. It was in fact a collection of stories.

Because it was felt that some of this information needed to be available to the public (and because it was easy) those notes turned into a web site and the story could have pretty much ended there. But there's only so much you can fit in one story, or one part of a story so this one needs to live so the rest can come along after.

Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Food Storage for Rich and Poor. is part story, part how-to book and part reference book. If you read it front to back you will be more expert in the subject of long term food storage than most lay persons and hopefully some of the mentality that goes with it. And the poorer you are the more you might appreciate it.

I hope you'll give it a read, it's not that long, and I hope you will tell me what you think of it. And I hope you will write me positive reviews and like it and tweet it and whatever it is you kids do with things these days.

THE DEAL HAS CHANGED A BIT, now instead of a PDF copy I send you a link to a place where you can download many different formats for your various devices, you can download as many as you want.


Or email info (at) LongTermStorageFood (dot) com.

Available on Amazon Kindle format: Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Food Storage for Rich and Poor.

Available in multiple formats on Smashwords,

If you wanna help a brother out and buy the ebook it's only $4.00, it's 64 pages with over a dozen hand drawn illustrations and tables. Business has been a bit slow so anything helps. Yeah you know things are slow when you actually have time to write those books you always been thinking about. Also it looks like the mods linked the Amazon thing so that THE DP GETS SOME INCOME FROM THE PURCHASE which is something I'm gonna do with all the links to Amazon from now on. Thanks guys!