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GMOs: Not Even in Moderation

... There are many valid, peer-reviewed studies that tell us consuming genetically modified foods is a death sentence. Proponents of GMOs like to attempt to pick apart the science. They like to accuse those of us who are concerned about GMOs of being foolish, uneducated and superstitious. From their lofty perches in academia, they condescend to the rest of us, claiming that GMOs are no different than the natural evolution of plant life, and that we, the ignorant masses, are too irrationally afraid of things that are new and wonderful to deserve labeling of these chemistry projects. They invoke guilt upon those of us who practice organic gardening and support organic farms, alleging that these “unsustainable practices” will leave the Third World to die of starvation as the non-modified crops we insist upon succumb to failure. Here are some facts about the GMOs that are poisoning our global food supply.