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Calif. seeks to adopt nation's toughest gun laws

• AP
 Weeks after New York enacted the nation's toughest gun laws, California lawmakers said Thursday they want their state to do even more in response to recent mass shootings, particularly the Connecticut school massacre.

Democrats who control the state Legislature revealed 10 proposals that they said would make California the most restrictive state for possessing firearms.

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Comment by PureTrust
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You want tough gun laws?

1. Identify from past history where the kinds of areas are that criminal shooters attempt and do their shootings.

2. Arm responsible citizens in those areas. And train them to shoot very accurately and very well.

3. Train them to aim for the arms and legs. Train them so well that they never miss the arms and the legs.

4. When a shooter attempts to harm someone in those areas, shoot the heck out of his arms and legs. Only aim for the vitals if it is absolutely necessary to stop him.

5. When he is found guilty in court (assuming he lives) then get him well from his arm and leg wounds. Then send him to the torture chamber, strap him down, and cut every piece of skin off his body, one square centimeter at a time. If he passes out, revive him and continue. But be very careful that he does not die until every last centimeter of skin is stripped off him.

6. If it is found that he was innocent, and that the declaration of guilt was the cause of police and prosecutor negligence, do #5 above to the guilty police and prosecutor.

There you have it... some of the nation's toughest gun laws that nobody will adopt.