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Imagine If Christopher Dorner Was a Tea Party Member

•, Paul Joseph Watson
 Imagine if a Tea Party member had written a hate-filled manifesto, killed three people, gone on the run, and then declared “asymmetrical warfare” against a major police department while threatening to slaughter entire families – do you think the mainstream media would be interested in what that manifesto had to say about such an individual’s political beliefs?

Without a doubt, the press would be affording obsessive coverage to the fact that this cop killer was a dangerous right-wing extremist, a violent domestic terrorist whose behavior vindicated all those warnings from the federal government about how “liberty lovers” need to be surveilled and silenced.

What if this same individual had expressed vehement support for the second amendment in this very same manifesto? His savage actions would be a poster child for the urgent need to enforce strict gun control measures in the name of public safety.