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Tracking killer space rocks


On Friday, an asteroid about half the size of a football field will zip past Earth.

And it will be close, according to experts. Then again, in outer space, close is a relative term.

In this case, it’s about 17,200 miles.

The asteroid, assigned the name 2012 DA14, will pass closer to Earth than many of the orbiting satellites we launch.

“It’s the closest approach for an object this size or larger,” said Don Yeomans, the manager of NASA’s Near Earth Object Program in Pasadena, Calif.

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You know how it goes with astronomers. We know more about the heavens than we do about the depths of the oceans... or in some cases, our own back yard, so to speak. Besides that, the sky is so big, and the number of astronomers are relatively few, that they can easily miss things. And just to prove it, look at all the killer space rocks they missed in recent years, that wound up in the LAPD.

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