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The inside story of Aaron Swartz’s campaign to liberate court filings

• ARS Technica
Years before the JSTOR scraping project that led to Aaron Swartz's indictment on federal hacking charges—and perhaps to his suicide—the open-data activist scraped documents from PACER, the federal judiciary's paywalled website for public access to court records.

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The real reason Aaron Swartz died. From

Tor2web Project Goal is to allow transparent internet exposure of websites running on Tor Hidden Services.

Tor2web enable anonymous exposure of a Tor HS website, making it reachable from the internet, behind the anonymity protection of the publisher provided by Tor.

The website owner has also the big advantage of not requiring to buy a server, register an ip address or a domain name. [emphasis mine]

Tor2web network is run with the Tor2web 3.0 software by independent individuals.

Tor2web started as a concept by Aaron Swartz that has been initially implemented as an stateless apache reverse proxy module available on github.


In other words, Aaron Swartz was making it possible for anyone to have a website without registering a domain name or IP address. In addition, the site would be hosted by TOR (The Onion Router), and would, therefore, have virtual anonymity.

Governments and authorities would not be able to track this kind of website no matter how much record-keeping hardware and software they had.

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