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Alt Text: Chinese Hackers Are Responsible for Everything Wrong With My Life

 This is astonishing, not only because of the breadth and depth of the hackers’ break-ins, but also because they were apparently able to do it without the aid of Guy Fawkes masks. Authorities are understandably concerned. Authorities are always concerned, and usually understandably so. That’s kind of what makes them authorities. Nobody ever says “Authorities are inexplicably relaxed.” But in this case they’re especially concerned and it’s particularly understandable.

Part of what makes this ongoing series of attacks so concerning in a fully understandable way is that nobody’s safe. In fact, pretty much any lapse in security — pretty much any lapse even vaguely computer-related — could be explained as the result of Chinese hackers, even if it’s not actually…. Hmm.

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 I am so glad i dont understand tech stuff, and this story is sad