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Pope Resigns in Historic Move


VATICAN CITY— Pope Benedict XVI will become the first pontiff in six centuries to resign, marking the end of a transitional papacy that focused more on theological and internal renewal and less on the broader challenges that face the Roman Catholic church at the start of its 21st century of existence.

U.S. Catholic Church expert Chester Gillis joins Lunch Break with a look at the legacy Pope Benedict XVI leaves behind, who is most likely to succeed him, and what to expect in the coming days and weeks as the Church prepares for the papal transition. Photo: AP.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan reflects on Pope Benedict XVI's announcement that he will resign the Papacy, effective Feb. 28, at a press conference in New York. Photo: AP Images.

The pope's surprise announcement paves the way for a successor who will confront anew the task of rebuilding the church's foundations in an increasingly secular and skeptical West while continuing to spread its roots in the rapidly growing emerging world.

The 85-year-old pope, who before his 2005 election was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, announced the decision to step down in a speech in Latin Monday to a small group of cardinals, saying he no longer had the vitality to perform his duties. Only two top Vatican cardinals were informed beforehand.


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Petrus Romanus?


I dont like to address the esoteric stuff... but the mile marker would be worth point towards, if nothing else for some entertainment value.

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