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Coming Soon To The Coolest Classrooms: A Box Full Of Robots

 RobotsLab BOX The box comes equipped with an AR.drone, a Sphero robot ball, a Mobot modular two-wheeler, and a robotic arm. RobotsLab

Learning algebra with a robot sounds way better than learning it with flashcards, right? I know I would have had a better time learning quadratic equations if I was using them to do something actually interesting, like figure out a quadcopter’s viewing area. That’s the goal of this new robot-filled box made by a company called RobotsLab.

The Box--that’s its name--comes with four robots, many of which are familiar: The fun AR.drone, the Sphero robot ball, a Mobot two-wheeler, and a robotic arm. You also get a teacher tablet full of apps and videos that contain the lessons, a teacher’s book, quizzes and printable student assignments.

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