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LAPD literally trying to execute Christopher Dorner while endangering LA citizens

 The entire police force has been thrust into a state of complete terror by the actions of one police officer named Christopher Dorner who allegedly has gone on a cop-killing rampage. According to The Telegraph, "Around 50 LAPD officers and their families remain under protection at their homes amid fears Dorner would come out of hiding to target them..."

Question: do these other cops not know how to fire a gun themselves? Do they not have a shotgun at home for self defense? Can you imagine how pathetic and weak these people are to have fifty police families huddled in their homes, barricading their doors and windows, fearing for their lives because of one mortal man running around?

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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What else do you expect from the LAPD mafia thug drones? 

All these nazi drones with guns and badges are the most dangerous element we have in our society today. When ever one of these thugs try to engage with you, you can expect violence and force and even death if they get a whim to take you out.


Amerkia the land of the free? I have beach front in Denver you may want to buy too.