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How's This for a Speech on the Real State of the Union?


Its politicians, however, are stupid and bought off by everybody from Oil Billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Saudi sheiks, to transnational corporations and defense contractors.

Which is problem one. Our Supreme Court has said that money is the same thing as speech. It's not. It's money.

Our Supreme Court has also said that corporations are persons. They are not. They are voluntary associations. The Bill of Rights was not written to protect the East India Company - it was written to protect individual people.

So we need to amend our Constitution to clearly and explicitly say that "Corporations are not people, and money is not speech."

Problem two is at the core of why we have a government. Why did those guys two-and-a-half centuries ago put their lives on the line, and fight and die, to create the United States? And why have people fought and died over and over again in the intervening years to keep this nation?