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New deadly SARS-like virus has potential to transfer from human to human

British health officials warn a new deadly virus, similar to SARS, could spread from person to person. WHO officials are encouraging countries to be on the lookout for the new illness, as its origins remain unclear. A new coronavirus is causing concern for the World Health Organization and medics everywhere over its ability to spread from person to person, as an eleventh case of the disease seems to prove.Out of these cases, five have resulted in death. The virus has been registered in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and initially was thought to spread from animals, such as bats, to humans. But the latest patient with no history of travelling in the Middle East has been diagnosed with the virus. The patient is a relative of another registered case, who has recently beenin the Middle East and Pakistan. However, doctors say it’s premature to worry about the new virus, as there’s still a “very low” risk of infection, according to AP. The Guardian newspaper quotes Professor John Watson, head

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