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The War Is Over...And We Won

The war I'm talking about is the war between individuals and the state. You see, governments have already lost. They just don't know it yet. There has been a war going on between collectivizing, coercive government and the allied forces of individualism, freedom and markets for quite some time. Exactly how long is hard to say because for most of history it seems that the governed more or less accepted that they need to be governed and accepted the brutality of politicians, whether those politicians were tribal chiefs, pharaohs, princes or presidents. So there wasn't much of a fight going on between the forces of coercion (the state) and the forces of cooperation and peace (the market) for the first few thousand years of human civilization.

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I feel so much better, now. The problem is, when people find that things don't get much better (and in some cases they get lots worse) under individual, personal, self-rule, they will want out from that kind of rule, as well. And you know who will be there to help them out? A king or a dictator.

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