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I’m Selling My Gold And Silver To Buy More Chilean Property

• Business Insider
I always thought that when the cheap and easy credit eventually ran out, prices would come tumbling back down. And when that finally happened in 2008, I jumped in.

One investment that seemed obvious to me was betting against commercial real estate investment trusts (REITs). All the research I had done indicated that commercial REITs were in WAY over their heads and doomed to fall.

Initially, my strategy did well. As expected, the commercial REITs took a nosedive, and I was making money. Until Obama screwed me.

After implementing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (better known as TARP), President Obama effectively bailed out the REITs… eradicating their losses and sending their stocks soaring.

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Comment by PureTrust
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The problem with this strategy is not the strategy itself. In fact, it sounds like a very good strategy from a personal standpoint... until...

Basically, the only thing that is holding the South American countries at bay - keeping them from becoming complete dictatorial states - is the strength of American freedom.

If you do the Chile thing with the idea of NOT fighting for freedom in America, with the idea of simply moving out of the U.S. and never looking back, you are weakening the freedom fight in America. If American freedom fails, you just might find the whole world plunged into dictatorship.

Stay and fight.