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Propane Cooler


This Propane Cooler is clearly for the RV set. When you’re driving around in a $100,000 luxury box, spending a few extra hundred dollars to keep your perishables cool — not cold, but cool — is no big deal.

The user guide for the Propane Cooler contains a very important tip for getting the most out of it: Cool your items down before putting them in the cooler. And while it’s difficult to fault the cooler for something that the manufacturer points out as a limitation of its product, it does make you wonder just how cold the cooler gets.
The 35-liter cooler can be hooked up to three different fuel sources: a 110-volt AC outlet, a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet, or a propane tank. It uses any propane tank with a CGA #600 adapter on it, the standard connection type you’ll find on tanks sold at RV supply or camping stores. It’s also what most propane grills use, so you can hook up the same tank that’s under the gas grill in your backyard.

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How would you re-design one of these to run off a campfire?

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