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Gun Control and Japan

 They often like to cherry pick nations from around the world to compare with the USA. One of their favorite nations to use as a comparison is Japan.

The argument goes like this; "Gun crimes are out of control in the United States! In America, over eleven thousand people are killed with guns every year! Japan has strict gun control laws and only a handful of people are killed with guns annually. Therefore Japan proves that gun control works. The United States should have gun control laws like Japan!"

You’ve heard this argument. I’m constantly hearing it; "If the United States were more like Japan"… "If the United States had gun laws like Japan, then gun crimes would virtually disappear."

Is this true?

Well, it is certainly true that overall Japan is a much safer place than the United States. The data show this to be fact. I would also venture to say that, in many ways, it would be better if the United States and American people were more like Japan and the Japanese people. But I suppose that’s a samurai sword that cuts both ways; there are plenty of unfortunate things about Japan and the Japanese that sometimes make me wish it were more like the USA and American people.