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50 Days of Freedom – LIVE – 12 Hour Broadcast – Feb 23 @ Noon Central (Video)

Join us for “50 Days of Freedom” as we chronicle our progress over the last 50+ days, showcase exclusive guests and remote reports from around the nation – this is an event not to be missed. Starting LIVE at 12:00 Central at Danny Panzella, from, will be reporting LIVE from the New Hampshire Liberty Forum bringing us LIVE coverage & updates every hour. Michael Salvi, host of TFPLive!!! and, will be LIVE on the scene in Philadelphia protesting Bradley Manning’s 1000th day in prison. Featured Guests: 1 Lew Rockwell 2 Attorney Georgia Sands 3 Alex Jones 4 John Dennis 5 Gerald Celente 6 James Corbett 7 David Keene 8 IRS Agent Joe Banister 9 Sheriff Mack 10 Robert Platshorn 11 Michael Boldin 12 Wayne Walton 13 Michael Badnarik 14 Jim Garrow 15 Jim Babka 16 Larry Pratt and more surprise guests!

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