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Colo. House passes gun-control measures

• AP
Limits on the size of ammunition magazines and universal background checks passed the Colorado House on Monday, during a second day of emotional debates that has drawn attention from the White House as lawmakers try to address recent mass shootings.

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Comment by Tom Hosburgh
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You people are too scared to impeach me, you do not have the guts, I am wrecking the constitiion, the economy, I heat this place, and, all of it,s people    i have let americans die in benguzzie, destroyed the dollar, and that is just the begining,    When I am through you will all have no money, and no rights, And I will be the 1st dectator, to run and control everthing in the USA,  death, to the USA   thats just tuffe  !!!           Obama!   
Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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TREASON!  What part of infringement don't these morons understand or is the Constitution nothing more then a dam piece of paper?