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AZ Court: You Don't Have to Be High to Get a DUI

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An Arizona appeals court has ruled that marijuana users don't need to be actually impaired to be successfully prosecuted for driving under the influence. The common sense-defying ruling came Tuesday in the case of a man who tested positive for an inactive marijuana metabolite that remains in the body for weeks after the high from smoking marijuana has worn off.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This of course has absolutely nothing to do with law, justice or concern for safety, but has everything to do with generating revenue no matter what the issue or circumstances or who they plunder or destroy. They have to keep the corporation running and it take frauds, dollars, to do this no matter what these criminals disguised behind black robes and the color of law have to do to keep the fascist machine working.

Isn't this obvious or am I living in the Twilight Zone?

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