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China's Cyberwar Against Corporate America Begins With A Simple Email

• Business Insider

The report even identifies the unit and the building behind the cyberwar.

Beijing has long been suspected of espionage costing global corporations billions of dollars—such as when a hacking incident at Lockheed Martin was followed by the appearance of suspiciously familiar Chinese jets—though it was hard to find evidence.

Indeed, it makes sense that China, in its breakneck push to become a world power, would use all available technology to catch the west.

Following Mandiant's 75-page report, however, the cyberwar is all but official.

have distilled the alarming report and uploaded the full Scribed copy below for your perusal.

According to Mandiant, what hacking program coordinators do is seek students with outstanding English skills who are hand picked for Advanced Persistent Threat training (APT).