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Paul Craig Roberts - Republicans are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby.

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  But no previous disgraceful behavior can match the public shame brought to Americans by the behavior of the Senate Republicans in the confirmation hearing of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Forty Senate Republicans made it clear that not only do they refuse to put their service to America ahead of their service to Israel, but also that they will not even put their service to America on a par with their service to Israel. To every American’s shame, the Republicans demonstrated for all the world to see that they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby. (The Israel Lobby is not their only master. They are also owned by other powerful interest groups, such as Wall Street and the Military/Security Complex.)

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Comment by PureTrust
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When you have a nation as large of the U.S., made up of as many different kinds of people as the U.S., you will have a large variety of thinking going on. And even though the two major political parties in the U.S., though vastly smaller than the nation as a whole, are still large enough to have a wide variety of thinking on many political subjects. With regard to official political policy, there are many Republicans that are way more Democrat than they are Republican; and vise versa.

People need to wake up to the fact that almost all of the political parties do NOT promote freedom, Constitutionality, truth-in-politics, and a whole lot of other things that people think that their favorite party IS promoting.

Forget political parties. If we do NOT get back to Constitutionality in politics, and then strengthen the Constitution in ways that will keep politicians from ever enslaving us again, we'll become like Cuba. Is that what we want?

Comment by Leslie Fish
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"Israel lobby"?!  Oh, get real!  The Arab Lobby has millions -- billions -- more to spend on buying politicians, as viz. some of the Islamofascist sympathizers they've put into fed. govt. offices.  Do you still believe in the myth of the fabulous Jewish Banking Conspiracy that supposedly owns everybody's money?  I'll bet you believe in the Blood Libel, too.