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U.S. secret flights to North Korea with equipment, Japan threatened when asking about it

The U.S. secretly flew into North Korea last year, providing them with equipment, besides who knows what else (nuclear secrets/bombs?). Not just that, when Japan figured it out…. this administration threatened Japan and their relations with Washington D.C.! At the end of the article linked, they “suppose” why the U.S. secretly flew into North Korea. They said it was “For getting the remains of soldiers from the Korean war.” Give me a break, if that was the reason that information would be all over the U.S. media. I remember in the 80′s the constant news about the U.S. wanting to recover the bodies of soldiers from the Vietnam war. It was a big deal and was all we heard about for months with them negotiating for the bodies. What is absolutely outrageous is the U.S. has been giving a horrible dictator equipment and help in who knows what ways. A dictator that does not allow the people to be free in the least and kills them besides starving them to death.

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 And now Kerry is crying for more money for the State Department.  Guess they need to buy more equipment to send to NK.