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Axiom 4: A Blueprint To Restore The Articles of Confederation

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The restoration of America's first and legitimate government will not be a quick or easy task but it is necessary if we are to survive as a free people and nation. While the US should, of course, retain both the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we must return to a decentralized confederation structure of government like Switzerland or Canada and add in the right of Swiss style referendums so citizens can terminate or initiate legislation when Congress fails to follow the will of the people.

While there have been many thoughtful and needed proposals about how we need to end the Fed, return to a gold backed currency, require term limits, repeal the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution, require a declaration of war for military action or a balanced budget and other changes, none of these will restore limited government or our republic. I agree with these ideals and many more but all will be ineffective if we retain the federal government structure in place now.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Besides, the dollar is not dying. What is dying is free trade in America. How is American free trade dying? Outside of a few small currencies in America, Americans are required (if only by their stupidity) to use the dollar for buying and selling. When Americans are deprived by the Federal Reserve Bank, and by their own stupidity, of having enough dollars to spend, trade in America dies. And when it dies, it dies in trade with other nations as well. Yet, other nations trade with each other just fine... except when their banking system attempts to destroy them the way the Fed is trying to destroy us.

Comment by PureTrust
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Restore the Articles? After years and years Eric Madsen of hasn't been able to get enough people to restore the Constitution... although he came within a hair's breadth this last election. Most folks don't even know about how we are not under the de jure Government. Most folks don't understand that there is a problem with the Constitution at all. Most folks haven't heard of Madsen's restoration attempts.

Best wishes to you in restoring the Articles. But you might have a better shot at it if you could restore the Constitution first.

Comment by Eldon Warman
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There was a private group in the early 1980's from Wisconsin, led by one Roger Elvik, who attempted to use the Writ of Mandamus to force the State Governments to institute Article 5 of the Articles of Confederation - the Committee of the States. That provision would have likely stopped the imposition of fascism upon America by having this committee of private citizens having a veto power on all government activity within America. It was never allowed to be established, thus insuring the open pathway to fascism that has overwhelmed America, especially since the Civil War.

After Elviks attempts failed in around 1983, Elvil was imprisoned for 10 years on a trumped up charge of sedition, a charge only applicable to a fascist corporate governing system. As a candidate for the California State, in 1984, I was deprived of my airline pilot career, my estate and the murder of my wife by hanging (suicided). I was not an active part of Elvik's action group, but just a recruited volunteer to stand for appointment to the Committee of the States for California. Although I had no knowledge of others in America who had accepted being appointed, I would imagine that they too suffered at the hands of the fascist goon squads - the FBI and IRS.

Eldon Warman

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