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Federal program could bail out more homeowners.

If you believe for a minute the Feds have your interest at heart, think again. How can Fannie or Freddie have any authority to make any determinations as to the status of the property when they are themselves, insolvent? They are in conservartorship with FHFA as the conservators. I believe this to be a "adding salt to the wound" for the homeowners. "They" know the house of cards is collapsing, the fraud is exposed. Yet they continue to position themselves as the heros. Geez thanks, you'll give me 3 months to live in the (my) property if I VOLUNTARILY, give the house back. Two things, 1. I can keep you in the house a lot longer than that without giving them shit. 2. They know the game is up and the only way for them to get the property is to have you give (gift) it back to them. The principle of nemo dat quod non habet-that you can't give what you don't have-is the bedrock principle on which all commercial law is built. And the shell game continues!

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