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National Gun Confiscation Day of Resistance Today

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-AMENDMENT II, Constitution for the United States of America

Today, February 23, 2013, the day after George Washington’s 281st birthday, is America’s National Gun Confiscation Day of Resistance.

Millions of Americans around the country have planned pro-gun, pro-second amendment, pro- Rights rallys at locations ranging from state capitols, to gun shows, to town centers, to gun-ranges, to the internet.


“A free people ought to be armed” -George Washington

Millions of Americans are protesting gun confiscation, gun registration, gun “inspections”, anti-rights legislation, obama’s 23 gun executive orders, and spreading the latest info about NDAA and tyranny in general.

TEAparty grass-roots have organized over 121 rallies nationwide.

Major rallies against gun registration and confiscation have already occurred and are occurring around the nation, especially in states with the most controlling rulers and laws.