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PlayStation 4: The Last of the Game Consoles


On Wednesday, Sony unveiled (sort of) the PlayStation 4, its next home gaming platform, at a lavish two-hour event in New York City attended by over 1,000 journalists and fans. While the embattled electronics maker did not yet have an actual device to show or even a dummy form factor, it spent the time talking up its philosophy behind the system. PlayStation 4, a constant stream of presenters reiterated, was for gamers: sick new graphics, ungodly amounts of RAM and cool new gaming-centric features like the ability to stream gameplay videos in real time.

Somewhere jammed in the middle of that two-hour orgy, Sony gave the tiniest of cursory nods to the idea that a PlayStation box is now expected to serve up streaming movies and television, too, with a single slide that announced support for all the major providers like Netflix, Amazon, et al., which was whisked off the Jumbotron faster than the human eye could process all of the logos. Movies aren’t games, so who cares?