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Rapping Terrorist Accused of Not Writing His Own Jihadi Rhymes


And in what may be a face-saving abandonment of the jihadi rap game entirely, a Twitter account close to Hammami — possibly even operated by Hammami himself — is pretty much conceding that Hammami used a ghostwriter. #Flexbomb

It’s like the terrorist version of P. Diddy’s famous “If I don’t write it well, I recite it well” concession. Except Omar Hammami did not even recite it well.

To back up: Omar Hammami, or Abu Mansour al-Amriki, is one of the highest-profile Americans to ever join an al-Qaida affiliate. He quickly established himself as a unique sort of English-language propagandist for Somalia’s al-Shabab. “Land by land / and war by war / only gonna make our black flag soar / drip by drip / shot by shot / only gonna give us the death we sought,” he rapped in 2009. In 2011, the Alabama-bred rapper spat, “It ain’t do or die/ it’s do or paradise” on a track called “Send Me A Cruise” (as in cruise missile). And Hammami had the unmitigated gall to flip Tupac’s “Hail Mary” on “Make Jihad With Me.” (“Attack America now/ martyrdom or victory/ we takin’ Nairobi to Addis [Ababa].”) Pretty terrible, but still good enough for WorldStar.