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Is The News Scripted?

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Think of it - 7 billion human beings alive on the face of the Earth.  Watch "the news".  According to what is covered in "the news", fewer than a thousand people do anything worthy of note each day.  And all these networks are required to cover this much "news".

In early 1993, events in Waco created a legitimate topic of national discussion.

In June of 1994, about the time Congressional hearings should have been convened, the OJ Simpson fiasco was given saturation coverage.

I'm sorry.  But the murder of two people at the hands (allegedly) of the former spouse of one of the victims is NOT of national concern.  It's just not.

The deaths of 82 civilians at the hands of government agents IS of national concern.  It absolutely is.

Is the "news" scripted?

Remember Scarface when he told his girlfriend that even when he lied he told the truth?  With the media, even when they tell the truth, they lie.  The fact that the OJ Simpson fiasco was covered nationally when it was not of national concern MADE that coverage a lie.

It was a lie that drowned out the coverage (by displacing any such coverage by eating up all the air time) that might have shed some light on the truth about Waco, a matter that WAS of national concern.

DC Treybil