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Are Suspects Just Too Tough?

• Simple Justice
No clue what happened or why this individual became the focus of police attention, but the visuals are pretty clear.  It raises a question, however. Are all perps so darn tough that they require so many police officers to beat them at once?  

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Comment by Jim None
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 The police use so many officers because their highest and almost only priority is to make sure the police don't get hurt and that you do. Citizens need to be schooled regularly in who's in charge and the teachers don't like getting hurt.

Comment by PureTrust
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Cops are smart. And they are "police-safety" oriented. When did you ever see a small group of cops beating a crowd of people?

If cops have become the enemy, they are just a symptom. The true enemy is the mayor and the city council, because they won't reign in the cops.

If the city is too big to get the mayor and the CC changed into something that is good, then you'll have to move, even though it isn't easy.