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The Draft: Forcing the Appearance of Equality


A topic which smacked of “Obama Youth” back in the 2008 campaign days resurfaced at the behest of Representative Charles Rengal: the institution of the draft (H.R. 748). Back in 2008, Obama referred to it as a “citizens’ army”, which included compulsory service to the federal government. At the time, the terms were nebulous, and focused more on community service rather than military service. But, anyone sincere about their anti-interventionist and anti-war stance immediately quivers with indignation over the mere mention of a draft, and I am no exception.

One woman on Facebook pointed out the disproportionate amount of poor people enlisting in the military. She argued that a draft equalizes this. First off, the military recruits mirror that of our current demographics with the majority being educated and middle class. Second, EVEN IF the woman’s claims were true, the poor do a lot of things disproportionate to those who are more affluent. They buy more state funded lottery tickets. Because of their financial desperation, they are subject to the temptations of myriad black market activities ranging from prostitution, to drug and gun sales, to fencing and money laundering, manufacturing false identification, and even organ sales.

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Comment by PureTrust
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I heard that Walmart is going to give a boost to the economy. No, they are not going to do it by giving their workers raises. They are going to do it by making it a hiring priority that they hire Middle East vets first. So, now, people who are getting out of the military slavery can go on in life in business slavery.

Comment by Temper Bay
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 The Draft is nothing - nothing - less than Government sanctioned slavery!