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Scientists Prove You Can Think Your Way to Wellness

• arclein
One very ‘accepted’ example of how thoughts can produce self-healing is when patients demonstrate improved health benefits after being given placebos. It has been found that participants often respond positively to placebos due to the expectation that they are receiving a real medicinal solution. This leads to a mental response that stimulates healing through stress reduction and a number of other factors. This kind of self-

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Comment by PureTrust
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OR, your question is great. Here's an imperfect answer.

What would we have if it were not given to us? We might be able to work for a living, but we CAN'T create health or regrow any of our body parts just by thinking. Everything is directly or indirectly given to us by God. Much of what we need simply to live is simply given when we have a need, without placebo or prayer.

The world and universe became imperfect when Adam and Eve ate the fruit. The fact that it all was not destroyed instantly, was due to the promise of Jesus, the promise that He accomplished on the cross. He corrects and holds the Universe in place enough so that things can operate, even though there is pain and death as well as goodness and joy.

The answers to both placebo and prayer are based in the love God has for us through the gift that Jesus gave when He suffered and died on the cross. As we move into understanding of God, and nearness to Him, through our study of the Bible, we automatically become a little more like God. A stronger relationship is formed between us and God. Both prayer and good placebo action work better, because of the personal relationship we have with Him. But bad placebo action - the doctor telling you that you have only 2 months to live - is weakened by your relationship to God.

There is a danger in having an overly great relationship with God. I mean a real relationship, a Bible-based, spirit, friendship relationship. His standards and His fairness don't act like we think that they should. He does it right. So, beware of making mistakes that are against Him if you have a strong relationship with Him. Moses made a big mistake - though most people don't understand what it was - and was not allowed into the promised land of Canaan because of it. God even told him to stop talking about it.

Both placebo and prayer are based on the loving kindness of God toward all people, the kindness that gives people what they ask for. This is a very deep subject, and much has been said about it. As scientists don't understand how the Universe works, so the workings of God are difficult to understand.

Comment by Olde Reb
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is there an overlap between placebos and the power of prayer ??