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Verizon, Comcast & Other Internet Providers Have A New Tactic To Stop Your Illegal Downloads

• Business Insider

Major ISPs including Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and others have joined forces to come up with a system of six "alerts" to deter piracy.

First, the companies might send their customers a warning letter, according to the WSJ.

The worst offenders will eventually have their Internet connection slowed down or even have their browsers locked completely.

Jill Lesser, who directs the Center for Copyright Information, which is coordinating the effort, acknowledged to the WSJ that the new system won't stop major pirates.

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Comment by PureTrust
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And they don't like you at all when you go through Tor, or proxies, or use a VPN. All of these things can be encrypted. And all of them make it difficult to track what sites you are visiting, and where your downloads are coming from, and what the downloads are.

Eventually, if these ISPs continue to mess with peoples' Internet usage, they will go the way of magazine and newspaper media. ISPs will evolve that bypass the limits to freedom. How is Hughesnet on these subjects. And Dish is in Internet again. Pehaps DotCom of Megaupload will become an ISP.