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Mercedes Makes an Electric Speed Boat Look Like a Good Idea

•, By Alexander George

Here’s the most environmentally friendly way to get your Don Johnson on. Mercedes-Benz has created a stupid-fast electric speed boat inspired by its SLS AMG Electric Drive concept, compete with retina-searing yellow paint job.

The Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept is a 38-foot craft designed as a joint project between Mercedes AMG and Cigarette Racing. Underneath the offensively bright “AMG Electricbeam Magno” coating is the same lithium-ion batteries as its road-going counterpart — but multiplied by four. A quartet of 60 kWh battery packs are juiced up by two 22-kilowatt chargers that take the batteries from drained to full in seven hours, or just under three hours with a boosted on-board charging unit.

The real story is the motor — or rather motors — sitting at the stern of the boat. Twelve liquid-cooled permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors conspire to pump out 2,220 horsepower, or 1,656 kW. Mercedes claims it’ll hit a top speed of 99 mph, and while that pales in comparison to the SLS AMG Electric Drive’s terminal velocity of 155 mph, on the water, almost toppling the ton is quick. Very quick. And it’s enough to make this rig the world’s fastest electrically powered boat.

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