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You are hurting government worker's morale and self esteem

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the majority of the 2,880 [federal workers] who responded to the survey said their own morale level was low, and they rated the morale level in their offices even lower.

The top three "morale killers," according to federal employees, were, in order, pay freezes, ineffective leadership and fed bashing from Congress and the public. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Wow, you're generous.  100% need termination for lack of funds...well, except those who can bake.

Comment by 3DBuilder
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Screw public unions. 50% need fired, the other 50% need 50% paycuts.  No kidding.  The one group that refused to join the depression and they'll just sell  your house if you can't keep up with this ridiculous taxes.  Oh, and the working hard comments?  Lets see 1 gov't neighbor calls in sick and gets paid for it nearly every week during the summer when he cuts grass for $, the other has time to literally send me 5-10 emails per day and responds to every email I send.  They are friends yes but I don't want to get flushed down the toilet supporting them.  That $3k per year check should be my retirement not theirs now I can't afford to retire!