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This Absolutely Must Be Watched..We Are All Dead Soon

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Comment by PureTrust
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Aw. Now what are all us investors going to do, who bought northern Siberia, Canada and Alaska land with the hopes of global warming coming real soon? We lose more money in all these hoaxes.

Comment by F. Swemson
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Man Made Global Warming (AGW) is a complete hoax... a non-problem, so if this is many times worse than AGW, it's probably also a non-problem.

In fact the current CO2 level in the atmosphere

is very low, and of the total, 390ppm, only 4% (16ppm) comes from human activity.

As George Carlin said, to mother nature we're nothing more than a minor surface nuisance. I doubt that what these fools are doing (and I agree that it's bad) can do major damage either.