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The Attorney For Freedom Show- And Other News

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Today on The Attorney For Freedom Show. We discussed the Arias Trial, the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent bad ruling regarding the 4th Amendment, the upcoming “itty bitty” 1% budget cuts, and freedom generally. 


We will be kicking off our NEW RADIO SHOW on this Wednesday March 6th at 6pm AZ time. Please feel free to call into the show live.  A link to the show will be posted at shortly thereafter.  Those of you in Arizona will remember the 98 KUPD Morning Mayor Dave Pratt.  This is his new radio station which is rapidly expanding.  Please go to and download the App so you can listen anytime from your smart-phone.  As always, I will be vigorously promoting freedom.  You can also listen to Dave Pratt’s daily morning show anytime too. 


We are in need of sponsors.  You get a professionally produced commercial for your business or your own freedom message.  Help us keep the show on the air!  Let me know if you are interested. 


I will be on the local ABC News channel 15 discussing the Arias trial this Sunday morning about 6:15am.