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Bradley Manning: "Americans had a right to know the true cost of war."

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Bradley Manning, the solider accused of the biggest unauthorised disclosure of state secrets in US history, has admitted for the first time to being the source of the leak, telling a military court that he passed the information to a whistleblowing website because he believed the American people had a right to know the "true costs of war".

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At a pre-trial hearing on a Maryland military base, Manning, 25, who faces spending the rest of his life in military custody, read out a 35-page statement in which he gave an impassioned account of his motives for transmitting classified documents and videos he had obtained while working as an intelligence analyst outside Baghdad.

Sitting at the defence bench in a hushed courtroom, Manning said he was sickened by the apparent "bloodlust" of a helicopter crew involved in an attack on a group in Baghdad that turned out to include Reuters correspondents and children.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I still don't get why his lawyers think it wise to plead guilty to some of the charges and yet he faces the others in trial.  What kind of a deal is that?  Manning has balls...that much is certain.  Truth to power.  But I assume everything he has now done will be used against him in the forthcoming trial.

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