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Keshe Plasma Generator ~ Breaking Laws of Physics ~ Infinite Energy

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This video uses a plastic bottle to break the laws of physics - It's future time.
~Inside this bottle there are four pieces of copper wire (electrodes), and they are not touching each other - they are independent. This means that within this bottle there is an open circuit. (Like an on/off switch, a circuit is OFF when it is open, and it is ON when the circuit is closed. On=electricity flow, Off=no flow)

WIthin our current understanding of physics and electrodynamics, it is impossible to close a circuit (turn it on) AND generate electricity from the air within an Empty Open Plastic Bottle.

However, with our new understanding of the creation of gravity, "we have New Physics in the world of science".

This experiment breaks the old laws of physics and brings to the light of day a new discovery, proving the concept of the Keshe Plasma Generator, and it's pretty exciting.

*The energy that spins our Milky Way Galaxy, our Solar System and Home Earth is the same energy that spins the electrons within this bottle. This is the universal energy being taped into via this experiment, because there is literally a microscopic galaxy of atoms in this bottle spinning around copper wire (closing the circuit and generating electricity). 

***Build it yourself- Replicating the Keshe Plasma Electric Generator: Link to Google Doc:

Have you heard of M.T. Keshe yet? He is the present day Isaac Newton! Enlightening the world with a new understanding of "Gravity!". :-)
Video: We Understand Gravity ~ The Holy Grail of Science!

***Take Away Point: "Science now understands the fundamental principle behind the creation of gravitational fields."
This is a game-changer that will change all of science and thus all of society. The possibilities are literally endless!

For a full elaboration:
Keshe University - Education for the Future (Introduction)

Keshe University on facebook:

Aslo, check out !!!!! It's Epic! :-)

Keshe Foundation Updates:
*****We are proud to announce that today 15.11.2012 the Nation of United States of America has received the USB stick containing all patents and blueprints of nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology of the Keshe Foundation.

Over 20 nations have received this knowledge and technology.
Now that we have reached the governments that represent over 60 % of the world's population, the Keshe Foundation is not going to wait for the rest of the nations to join, even though they are welcome to receive the technology whenever they ask for it.