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Not Trial By Video

• Simple Justice
In a curious twist of rhetoric, Judge Patrick F. Dugan acquitted Philadelphia police lieutenant Jonathan Josey of assaulting Aida Guzman at a Puerto Rican Day Parade, announcing "This is not a social media contest, this is not trial by video."

For as long as I can remember, the argument was that a video of the conduct of an alleged crime was the gold standard, the thing every wished would exist, because otherwise trials relied on witnesses, who memories and motives were inherently suspect. If only there was a video.

And here there was. A video that went viral, and was scrutinized within an inch of its life.  When it was discussed here, it was in relation to the reaction of other police officers, who strained mightily to explain why Josey's conduct was nearly as bad as every non-cop in the world thought it was.  ....