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Homeland Security Is Serving Warrants Using Mine-Resistant Vehicles

• Business Insider

The MRAP, as it's known in the U.S. military, was fielded in 2007 to counter the threat of devastating roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The vehicle has been modified for use with the DHS Special Response Team — specially trained, fully armored agents dispatched during the most severe and high risk situations, according to WOAI.

"[The vehicle] is used in the execution of high-risk warrants — including drug trafficking, smuggling, and contraband," Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for DHS, told Business Insider.

In a video posted to YouTube, a DHS supervisor gives a tour of the vehicle in El Paso, Texas — displaying added skids for agents to ride along the sides, seating for 10-11, firing ports, and enhanced protection from bullets.

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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Are all of those 'high risk warrants' directly connected to Immigration and Customs Enforcement ONLY?  Do they get to be 'on loan' to local Law Enforcement - when requested?  Is this one equipped with drones and robots? 

Comment by Leslie Fish
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Even a mine-proof vehicle is vulnerable to pit-traps and disguised trenches.  Also, a mine-proof vehicle will be much heavier than a common car or even truck;  therefore a trench disguised with a metal or even wooden plate will support civilian traffic, but give way under the weight of the Homeland Stupidity tank.  A word to the wise...



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