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Graphene Antennas Would Enable Terabit Wireless Downloads


Want to wirelessly upload hundreds of movies to a mobile device in a few seconds? Researchers at Georgia Tech have drawn up blueprints for a wireless antenna made from atom-thin sheets of carbon, or graphene, that could allow terabit-per-second transfer speeds at short ranges.

“It’s a gigantic volume of bandwidth. Nowadays, if you try to copy everything from one computer to another wirelessly, it takes hours. If you have this, you can do everything in one second—boom,” says Ian Akyildiz, director of the broadband wireless networking laboratory at Georgia Tech.

A terabit per second could be done at a range of about one meter using a graphene antenna, which would make it possible to obtain 10 high-definition movies by waving your phone past another device for one second.

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Unless an antenna contains an amplifier or other active information processing device, the antenna is refered to as a passive device. ie: signal in, signal out. Nothing more. Thus, the antenna DOES NOT process data or any radio frequency signal imposed to it. The processing (speed) is determined by the processor within the unit the antenna is connected to.