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Obama May Have Made His Biggest Political Miscalculation In Years

• Business Insider

This morning, Politico's Glenn Thrust and Carrie Budoff Brown write the opposite angle — that President Barack Obama's consistent doomsday warnings of the pain of the sequester have made it seem like he's "crying wolf."

One top Democratic Congressional aide slammed the Obama administration's muddled messaging to Politico:

“Don’t accentuate a fight you don’t intend to wage [and] can’t win. … They spent two weeks building up sequester as a horror show and then got fact-checked a dozen times and were forced to back off their own claims of it being a disaster once they were forced to acquiesce to the cuts happening.”

The White House has pushed back on this by saying that their intention was never to warn of immediate doom. Obama has consistently said that the effects of the cuts won't be felt immediately. But some worried that Obama waited too long to warn about the sequester and ended up trying to cram too much into the past few weeks.