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These Are The Places You Are Most Likely To Be Swallowed By A Sinkhole

• Business Insider

Things didn't end up well for the man — the search for him was called off on Sunday night. Clearing of the debris gave us a better look at the hole and the damage it caused.

This got us wondering, what other places are prone to sinkholes? Luckily for New Yorkers, it's not very likely that a sinkhole would open up in Manhattan's Flatiron district, but some places are more susceptible than others.

Sinkholes are caused when underground water washes away soft rocks like limestone, carbonate rock and salt beds. As the rock or salt are worn away, it leaves behind a cavern under the Earth. When the cavern gets too big, the ground above it collapses, pulling a (usually) circular section of the Earth's "crust" with it.

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