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Handling Defeat: Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul

• Rossini

Both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul attempted to unseat Mr. Hope & Change. Neither man succeeded.

Romney ran for Power, while Ron Paul ran to eliminate and reign in as much power as he possibly could. How each man handled the defeat was as different as their reasons for running.

Ron Paul finished out his term as Congressman and gave one of the greatest speeches ever given in Washington. Mitt Romney completely disappeared, finally coming out for his first interview in March 2013! Ron Paul stayed engaged with his passionate supporters on Twitter, keeping them in the loop and not forgetting about them. Mitt Romney sent (1) tweet after the election. Evidently his 1.6 million followers have no purpose if he's not King. Ron Paul is saying things like: "While I certainly don’t miss Congress..." Romney is saying "it kills me not to be in there, not to be in the White House". Ron Paul is planning a Daily Radio Show, and is launching a Foreign Policy Institute. Romney says"I recognize that I lost, so I'm not going to be the leader of the Republican Party...But I want to have influence on getting our party to a position where we can be successful." Ron Paul has a blockbuster book coming out this Sept. Tom Woods has read the draft and says: "This is the book that really launches the revolution."